Extensive and qualified product consultation for any automotive challenge

Professionell and in line with demand

Extensive and qualified product consultation for any automotive challange

Broad and qualified project advisory service for all automotive challenges – we are experts for project management and offer you professional support, tailored to suit your needs.

For example: set up of test facility for a choice of seats from a supplier, a bid, awarding of a contract, monitoring delivery dates, installations, acceptance and training up to the point of perfect functioning of the construction or cost-saving measures for testing procedures of crash tests.

We offer support when choosing the required testing configurations or test planning constructional elements. We know which testing institution is the most appropriate for you regarding competence and reliability – we check it all for you.

We prioritize costs, being an influencing factor.

We have long-dated experience in active project leading, training, consulting and coaching project management topics. We know exactly what you mean and work out together with you appropriate solutions for your project.

We take care of all matters concerning large scale or small scale testing.

We organize an all round care-free package for you and take over the entire project management up to the suggested point of release of a specific constructional element.

It goes without saying that we offer homologation services from A - Z.

Personal data

Automotive Andreas Schüßler Trainer, Berater und Coaches von Projektmanagement-Themen

25 years sales manager automotive development
25 years marketing know how
25 years independent entrepreneur
Program management in several development projects

Project organisation with personnel, parts and logistics planning Operational managerial experience.

Worldwide organization for several companies Sales organization for a service profit center (testing)
Strategic planning and direction of new business areas Reorientation of companies Development of new business
areas for severals companies Worldwide
automotive networking